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Recognise Psychic Vampires


To truly recognize a Psychic Vampire you need to first stop trying to ingratiate yourself, Prove yourself or look good in anyone else’s eyes but your own and the Higher Power. Too often we care what others think of us and this is one of Mankind’s greatest downfalls as it lets other control our minds and the way we think of ourselves and others.


A psychic vampire will have the following traits:




Self Centered


Low self esteem










Protecting oneself from Psychic Vampires is essentially protecting oneself from head games.


Many people do not realize that we are all Telepathic. Lack of this knowledge can be very dangerous and I believe that it is one of the main reasons so many people are sick, bitter, touchy and tired these days.(eg. road rage)


Through this telepathy is the only way a Psychic Vampire can use us or drain our energies in any way.


The best defense is mild and hurts no one:


Visualize a White Veil of Light circling around your body in a clockwise direction as you repeat these words three times in your mind:


 “I cover myself in a White Veil of Light filled with love deflecting all negative energies and thoughts to The Mother Goddess to be cleansed.”


For added protection for those who have not truly dealt with past issues. When a person has not dealt with past issues they are open to major Psychic attacks thus needed a little more protection to fill the holes in their Aura to enhance the White Light Protection:


Choose which ever color you love most and visualize this color of light flowing completely around your body filling the tares in your aura and repeat three times:


I cover myself with this light in a flowing veil of love to help enhance the White Light of Love in protecting myself and deflecting all negative thoughts and energies to Mother Goddess to be cleansed.”



If by chance you run across an actual practicing Psychic Vampire who truly knows what they are doing and have full intent such as (Charles Manson) you may need a stronger approach but I caution you to only use the following defenses if there is no other way to be found remembering always that all we do in life comes back to us.


The reasoning I found for using the solution above is that if we send the negative energies back to the sender (as many other solutions tell us to do), we create a back and forth energy stream that strengthens the negativity, every time it is deflected, thus making every deflection of energy to be stronger, more negative and more damaging, but if it is sent to The Mother Goddess to cleanse the energy will deplete and the energy stream be ended.

For More Information on Psychic Abuse go to:


Below is some information I found on the web:

If you decide to use this please use it with caution.


This may seem simplistic, but it works and the rebound can cause considerable problems for the psychic vampires who will find themselves beset by the troubles they have tried to cause for others. However, it takes a strong mind to adopt this sort of attitude and, in cases where the powers of the vampire are genuine; more practical defense mechanisms may be needed. If you feel you are particularly vulnerable to the thoughts or actions of another then it is very important for you to act in your own defense, others can help you but you must make an effort as well.


This is something the psychic vampire rarely considers (that you will be able to defend yourself) and so your actions in reversing their influence over you will be even that more strongly and rapidly manifested.


Most people will have heard of the Law of Threefold Return, a basically Wiccan concept that says that whatever the sender sends out, whether it be good or bad, will return to them, threefold. There are various formula for using this but one of the most effective I have ever come across was told to me by a close friend. It’s simplicity is really rather good.

If you think that you are the target of malicious magic, whether or not you know who is sending it, simply say three times:


“Whatever it is you sent to me


I send it back, three times three.


Don’t mess with me.


Don’t mess with me.


Don’t mess with me.”


(The word “mess” replaces the four-letter word used in the original version as told to me, which was far more emphatic and began with the letter “f***” but the principle remains exactly the same.)


It helps considerably if the person reciting this spell has worked themselves up to feel angry about what is being done to them before reciting it. If, at the same time as the spell is recited, the user holds a mirror up in front of them with the mirror side facing away from them it can aid the success of the action but this is not essential. Alternatively (if you are particularly good at visualisation) you can instead, picture in your mind’s eye, mirrors all around you, covering you, reflecting outwards from you in all directions whilst repeating the above charm. It goes without saying that if the victim knows who the vampire is, then he or she should visualize the face of the psychic vampire as strongly as possible onto the reflective part of their protective “mirrors” while reciting the spell.


It can also help if the psychic vampire is made aware of the fact that you are on to them even if you do it anonymously, if you know for a fact who the psychic vampire is. But do not specifically aim the work on any individual that you do not know for sure is the psychic vampire for the spell can rebound back on you if the individual you are focusing upon is innocent.


You may learn a trick from Hoodoo and Voodoo practitioners who believe that a spell will not work unless the person it’s aimed at knows that the spell has been done. You may send the known psychic vampire their “magical calling card” back encased in a box of sea salt. You might send them the ashes from a hand-written charm in a plain envelope. Possibly, in a more humorous vein, you could send something directly related to blood vampires, such as a crucifix, a clove of garlic or a wooden stake, the stereotypical popular-culture defensive weapons of the vampire hunter. It’s symbolic of course, but the effect can be worthwhile. This kind of action tells the psychic vampire that you are on to it and warns it to be careful, that you may not be the soft target that it had assumed you were. Either that or that you’ve got help from someone who is more adept than it is.


Other actions that can be utilized include a traditional folklore one. Based on Romany legends surrounding blood vampires, there were two things that vampires could not do. “The area in which a vampire could operate was limited by two factors; it was unable to cross running water and it had to be back in its grave by cockcrow”---Dennis Wheatley. This could indicate that using running water for creating a spell against the influence of the psychic vampire, may include a magical shower (standing bath) whilst reciting an appropriate charm. It might also suggest that spells against psychic vampires ought to be performed in darkness (the night-time) for them to be more successful.


The Romany people believed that if you spread poppy seeds from the coffin of the vampire to the gates of the village, you'd avoid being a victim of the vampire that night. You might do this today by scattering poppy seeds from its front door to your front door. It was thought then that because vampires were known to be so fastidious and obsessively control-seeking that the vampire would be impelled to pick up every single poppy seed, thus keeping the vampire so busy all night that it would be unable to bother the community that night.


You could (if you have one) send it a photo of itself with some magical marks, symbols or sigils on it. If this can be one of your own construction that it won't recognize or understand, then so much the better, because it will worry about what the symbols mean and this will distract its attention away from you.


And if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from bad dreams as a result of the psychic vampire’s attentions and suspect that it may be responsible (bearing in mind the psychology involved) then simply put some sea salt crystals under your mattress and inside your pillowslip keeping your intent firmly in mind when you do so.


There are of course any number of other, fairly standard, protective mechanisms you can use including constructing a doll or poppet of the vampire concerned and driving a wooden spike into it, the intention here is to stop them from affecting you rather than inflicting actual physical death. Again, the Hollywood symbology is obvious, but it can be effective. But in my personal experience, the fairly simple methods outlined above can be pretty effective in most cases in both getting rid of the psychic vampire and also increasing the self-confidence of the victim, this latter being an important aspect of the whole.



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