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Codependency Edit Page Title

Codependency is one of the foundations of Emotional Illnesses.
When a person is unable to deal with their daily lives without leaning emotionally on someone else they are co-dependant.

This illness makes us believe that we are unable to cope with life unless someone else is with us at all times. The desperation from this illness causes us to possess the people we love, use guilt this to keep people with us, use jealous tactics on others and use revenge to even scores in relationships.

None of which are very sane practices.

Due to this co dependant head space we have families falling apart, relationships turning from love to desperately stalking, fighting violently and hurting each other, sometimes to the point of murder.

Codependency is built on head games, seduced love or sex, many forms of abuse most of all sexual abuse.

Below is a test I have been giving many people for years now and it has helped a great deal in determining weather codependency is present and what needs to be done to change that illness into strength.

Please read each statement carefully and answer yes or no to each.

It does not matter if these things are done daily or not the fact that they are done at all is codependent and needs to be corrected..

It may hurt emotionally to be this honest with yourself so please put your ego into a box for an few minutes to get the test done.

Codependency Test
Here are some general questions to help you assess whether you have a problem with codependency.

1. My good feelings about who I am stem from being liked by others.

2. My good feelings about who I am stem from receiving approval from others.

3. I allow other people's problems to affect my serenity. My mental attention is often focused on solving their problems or relieving their pain.

4. My mental attention is usually focused on pleasing others. I feel better about myself when I please others.

5. My attention is usually focused on helping others realize that I know better than they know what is best for them.

6. My focus is on protecting others.

7. My self-esteem is bolstered by solving other's problems or relieving their pain.

8. I relinquish my hobbies and interests to become involved in the hobbies and interests of others.

9. I spend my leisure time pleasing and helping others.

10. The appearance of others close to me is a reflection of me.

11. The behavior of people in close relationships is important because I think they are a reflection of me.

12. I am seldom aware of how I feel, but usually think I know how others feel.

13. I show more concern about what others want than about what I want.

14. The dreams I have for my future are linked to others.

15. My fears, anger, and rejection often determines what I say and do.

16. I use giving as a way of securing relationships.

17. My social circle diminishes as I become involved in a close relationship.

18. I put my values aside to maintain relationships.

19. I respect other's opinions and way of doing things more than I do my own.






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