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As I reach out to people I am constantly being asked how one sees the difference between a true Spiritual Healer or Leader, White and Black Magic and an imitation one.
Many people have been taken in by Imposers
in these areas of life and are now frightened to reach out again even to the truth. I have herd horror stories around spiritual and religious leaders taking advantage of the trust given to them by everyday people. These situations are happening in all forms of religion. They are ranged from simple mind control to get their followers money or deeds to sexual abuses of many forms, and even death in some instances.
Below are some warnings sings and things to look out for as well as do when
talking to anyone especially one whom you may or may not give your trust to.
This will help you see the difference, help you to avoid Imposers
, also
hopefully restore your belief in an imperfect world in some way, to a point
where you may someday realize there is good among the bad.

1. Listen closely and remember the conversation.
use the covert message system, which is giving a person a double message, controlling them within the confusion from that duality.
Example: If I tell you I like you but truly I hate you I have given you a double or covert message. If you believe me then I am able to control your mind. The more double or covert messages I give you and you believe, the deeper that control becomes.

2. Watch for: All Head Games:
A. Sex Game: An imaging visualization game played to seduce someone into ones sexual energies in order to obtain whatever it is they want. This is the deepest form of mind control used in Ritual or Psychic abuse.
B. Charm game: commonly known as kissing ass.
C. Brainwashing games, talk until you get your victim to believe what you say as opposed to what they did believe.
D. Ego Games: include intimidation as well as using imaging visualization games to make people think you are more then you actually are. {Used by models, actors, singers, ect. On stage to control the audiences}.
E. Extra Wording: If a person has simplistic thinking this game will confuse its victim therefore rendering the player control.
F. Lies: when a person lies to you and you believe them they are in control in a matter of seconds. The more you believe their lies the deeper the control.
If your head gets foggy, spaced out or confused, this usually means someone
is in your head or trying to get into your head. Sudden sharp pains around the base of your neck or the forehead is usually someone trying to get you into his or her game.

3. Traces of ego: depending on how high spiritually, the people you are
dealing with are, will dictate on whether there should be any traces of ego
or not. A high ranking person should be humble but confident

4. Some of us are able to read energies or Aura’s around people and things. The energy from someone whom is trying to control may look at first to be very innocent but if you look closer you will be able to see a Black thin line around facial features and edges of the physical body.
They are often over confident, get {giddy} in a very sinister sort of happiness feeling that is completely self-educed to allude you into believing the energy they are exuding is positive, they can be uncanningly seductive, Those whom are highly vulnerable become very obsessed.

Most people who are imposers, even thought they seem to be very innocent have thin black lines around their bodies and this means total manipulation even through their eyes and actions may be screaming purity and they may give off a
Real high. "BEWARE!"
Last point Spirituality is not of one raise, as many have believed. It comes in all races, creeds and colors. The roods are within the first belief man had of a Higher Power and have been practiced across the globe almost since the beginning of time itself. It is the oldest form of Belief system on the planet. Even before the Native Community came from Asia across the north of Russia {Russian Straight} over what we now know as Greenland and Iceland to settle here in Canada and in The United States.
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