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Intimidation is when the thoughts, actions or words place heavy fear from one person to another person. For example, when a mother says: "daddy will hit you for that when he gets home," to a child, the child then becomes fearful of daddy. The child is then intimidated into behaving the way mom wants him/her to. This is mind control.

A few years ago I met a young man. This man was strong, decent and had every reason to live. One thing in his life was terrifying him constantly. He began to tell me that there was another man who was constantly threatening his life in various ways. My friend tried all he could to stay out of this persons path and not to offend him in any way.

The threats persisted. Last spring my friend hung himself in his washroom. No apparent reason. His family had no idea that my friend was feeling suicidal at all. He hadn't mentioned that he wanted to die to me, but then fear causes us to do strange things at times. Then I remembered the man threatening my friend and put the situation together. My friend could not take any more of the man's intimidation. Waste of a good life.

Then we come to the school yard bullying. Kids' learn intimidation from home, movies, music, society and authorities. These days everyone is using this around them and on them. Then they go to school and do the same on their classmates.

Ask yourself how many kids' you have heard of or know personally that have either been killed by school yard bullies, shot or knifed down or have been living in fear of this, run to the streets {which is a slow form of suicide,}and tried or succeeded to commit suicide, beaten, shot or stabbed to death.

Most don't realize that to intimidate a person is placing them in a deep fearful state that does not end just because they left the room. The intimidated person carries that fear where ever they go.


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