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Forgiveness, The Real Reasons!

When we can stop blaming other people for our problems, take responsibility and realize that
we are human, bound to make mistakes in life, we will learn to Forgive
Ourselves!!! Thus opening the door to forgive others!!! How many
people do you know with what we refer to as chronic migraine headaches, or
one of the many other unanswered sicknesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

My family was filled with these diseases. Through learning and doing the
things I was taught during my therapy and training sessions, I was finally
able to completely rid myself of the headaches, and other ailments. I also
was able to learn and comprehend that these headaches and more then half of
the sicknesses we humans suffer from are primarily caused by ourselves
holding resentment towards ourselves, and others. There are quite a
few doctors and healers that have come to this same conclusion. Dr. Joseph
Murphy has several books on this subject. One of his books I use daily is
entitled ?The Miracle Power of Infinite Riches.? Within this book, is example
after example where Dr. Murphy learned that his client was resentful, he
taught them to forgive and the illness disappeared as my headaches did years
ago. Our spiritual and religious leaders have known this on the Spiritual
level for centuries. Christ talked about forgiveness a great

Being raised in an unforgiving atmosphere, I was not taught
what forgiveness truly was until I started studying with my first mentor
in 1981. To this point I had suffered years with these horrid pains.
I would wake up and go to sleep with this pounding of my brain. There were
times I could not move, as the thunder would explode inside my head. All
resentment built over the years of abuse and neglect. Joan (my first
mentor, and close friend) took one look at me and began to talk about

Of course I believed I had forgiven all those whom had hurt me
but I did not go deep enough to truly reach my goal. I had not let go of the
pain nor had I forgiven myself. The resentment and guilt I had stored inside
myself for so many years, was causing my headaches, chronic fatigue and fiber
mialga in my muscles. Joan, made it very clear to me that if we are sincerely
true to ourselves, love ourselves and always forgive we tend to be a
great deal better in both the emotional and physical health department.
It took a many hours of talking, thinking, learning and practicing
of these lessons, for me to grasp the understanding and accept this
as truth, so I did this work and the results are amazing.
Of course this was almost twenty years ago and I have not suffered with any of these chronic sicknesses since. To truly forgive we must first and fore most forgive ourselves as well as:
1. Realize that we must forgive in order to love. Forgiveness is the key to love. When we do not forgive we build an emotional wall against love itself, therefore we are not capable of giving or receiving love.
2. Build a deep desire to love and heal. Sometimes forgiveness seems so very hard due to the importance of the pains and loss. Therefore we must build a healthy desire to love ourselves and others to find the proper strength to forgive all the wrongs done on all sides.
3. Face, deal with and let go of all past issues and pain from such. Open our minds, {all the blocks must open}, deal with all the old horrors, memories and emotions attached to them, and resolve these issues in order to put them behind us.
4. Forgive all
those who we believed has ever hurt us in any way. Forgiving others is not needed in order to help them but more so to help yourself, even though the positivity and healing helps all. If one is unable to forgive others until one forgives oneself, then we are truly forgiving others in order to help
ourselves. You don?t ever have to tell this person they are forgiven, it is
and can remain between you and your Creator. No matter what was done to us within our lives, forgiveness is possible if we truly wish to
forgive. Nothing is unforgivable. We need to understand why, and once we have found that, it becomes so much easier. In order to forgive others we must forgive ourselves first. No different then respect or love unless we attend to our own back yard and give these things to ourselves we are incapable of sharing them with others. Once we have done this, we must extend this forgiveness to all those whom have hurt us.

5. Collect all the
learning from all painful experiences. In every experience we go through in life we are given what I refer to as a jewel. No matter how hard the
situation was to endure there is always a learning experience

6.Let it go! Put the experience behind you and go forward
with love.




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