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Harm Done By Psychic Vampires
How To Protect Oneself

Powers Of A Psychic Vampire

Some of the common symptoms when being attack by the psychic vampire are

- significant energy loss

- chronic fatigue

- difficulty concentrating

- sleep disturbances

- irritability

- depressed mood

- excessive anxiety

- panic attack

- sexual indifference

- impaired memory.

Due to these disturbances, you could be led to loss of income and wealth, rob of joy and happiness and obviously huge depletion of health leading to drastic illness.

You can be subjected to two types of powers of psychic vampire.

1. A suddenly drain of your energy level done without malice or bad intention.

2. Intentional mental domination done by an ordinary person or a black magician to deliberately dominate you through the creation of powerful thoughts to have financial gains or sexual domination.

Unintentional Powers Of Psychic Vampire

This can happened to anyone. There are times when you suddenly experienced a drained of energy or tired a few minutes after dealing with a certain person.

For example, a man comes and sit next to you at a bar. You ignore him and he seems to disappear as quickly as he came. All of a sudden you feel disfocused and tired as it was just a moment ago you were full of energy enjoying yourself.

Another example would be, you met up with a friend who are depressed and you sat there advising him to think differently. He can end up being focused and you found yourself being tired after motivational discussion.

When you happened to be in these situations, you have been subjected to the powers of unintentional psychic vampire attack.

Intentional Powers Of Psychic Vampire

Certain regions in Philippines, Africa, South America and other countries have powerful trained black magician to cause hurt as means of retaliation for a wrong doing. They have the power do mentally dominate you to gain financial or sexual favors from you or inflict physical harm to your physical body.

When you are subjected to an intentional powers of psychic vampires, you could suffer mental anguish or become mentally imbalance depending on the severity of the powers of psychic vampire. These powers of psychic vampire attack could lead to loss of fortune, poor health, sickness, poverty and insanity.


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Using Shields

Uses Of Psychic Shield Techniques

1. To protect or psychic shield you from negative thoughts projected to you intentionally or unintentionally

2. To protect or psychic shield you from dirty, unwholesome psychic radiatory fields which are unavoidable

2. To use psychic shield to disintegrate negative thoughts or energies in certain places like your office, your house or places which you feel uneasy about.

To stop the powers of psychic vampire, you need to keep strengthening your aura by exercising, meditation and strengthening pose.

A strong aura serves as a natural psychic shield. Exercising, meditation and strengthening pose will improve your health by removing and expelling the dirty and used up energy from the physical body, the internal organs, the energy body, the chakras and the meridians and the aura.

These techniques are easy to implement to keep and maintain peace, love, joy and abundance in your life.

- Visualize yourself surrounded by a protective white light, an angel, a warm embrace from God, or whatever else makes you feel safe. One website even recommends a Finger Interlock technique to enhance your sense of being protected - it's whatever works for you, really.
- Carry a protective charm or talisman. This could be anything, from a quartz crystal to a Celtic cross, that makes you feel close to the invisible powers that keep you safe.
- Get aware. Figure out which people in your life are feeding off you, limit contact, and make sure you keep your guard up whenever you're with them.
- Take care of yourself. Doing something you enjoy, keeping yourself and your house well-kept, and taking the time to rest properly are all good ways of minimizing your own vulnerability.
- Talk yourself up by noticing the positive things you do in your own life. It will help you keep perspective if a psychic vampire starts accusing you of being mean or selfish.
- Set your priorities. It's tempting to want to rescue everybody who suffers, but you'll just wear yourself out without making a difference. Let go and let God. Concentrate on the people who really need you, and who will really benefit from your help.
- Pray. Well, I've never known it to hurt, have you? Praying for the psychic vampire can even help you feel better about keeping your distance, if you're a guilt-prone type. Now you've found the one way you can help that will actually do some good.

There are some people who see psychic vampirism as a real, defined condition, like lactose intolerance or vitamin deficiency, that deserves community support. There is actually a Psychic Vampire Resource and Support website available online, complete with tips on how to feed! At the risk of being compared to racists or homophobes, I'm going to stand right up and say that I don't buy into it. Yes, psychic vampirism is a condition of the soul . . . but that doesn't make it right or okay. I certainly have the right to my own energies, and nobody has the right to feed on me! I'm not against the idea of psychic vampires forming a support group, kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous. But an Alcoholics Anonymous website would probably not feature a page on how to most effectively drink shots. The goal of any remotely aware psychic vampire needs to be prevention, rehabilitation, stopping the psychic vampirism that is only going to harm them - and those they care about - in the end.

Psychic Vampires Sucking You Dry?


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