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Covert or Double Messages
"Covert Messages or Double Messaging!"
Covert messages are double messages. By that I am saying, the person giving the
message is saying one thing, example: "you look very nice today," when at the same
time the message giver is really thinking, "you look like hell."
The person giving the message is lying about the way they see the person they are
talking to. This confuses the listener and helps them to believe that the message
sender is caring about the listener when in fact the message giver is hating the
Another example is when a person tells you to call them, they are not home to
answer the call, you call back, they get angry because you are calling so much.
You get more and more confused as you have no idea why this person is so angry as
they told you to call. The confusion allows your mind to be controlled .
During the confusion the message giver has an open, vulnerable mind to climb into
and begin to control. The more the listener believes the message givers lies and
double messages, the more control the listener is handing over to the message
giver. After a while the listener becomes so confused that his/her emotions become
unbalanced, example: easy to offend, bursts of anger, crying spurts, and
depression. This all can and does in many cases lead to suicide.
One of the best examples I have of this is when I was still a part of the
entertainment business. I was single and I met a guitar player who had noticed
that I was very good at what I did. This person seduced me right into marriage. He
told me how much he loved me and that he would be there for me and care for me
forever. Of course I was taken right in and began to plan our life.
He was lying about his undying love. His love for me only went as far as my
talents and looks. When he realized that I took marriage very seriously and was
not about to involve myself with a heavy music career until our marriage was on
track, he made it more then clear that he was only married to me in order to
become a rock star and that I was his way to get there.
I was devastated and very suicidal for quite a long time. Thanks again to my
friends and therapists I made it through.


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