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How to Defeat Real Psychic Vampires
By Rebecca Boardman

Psychic vampirism is a common occurrence that most people do not recognize or accept as a possibility. A psychic vampire is one that needs to feed off other people's energy in order to maintain their own. They can feed in a variety of ways, but the most dangerous way is when they choose an individual victim and insinuate themselves into that person's life in order to feed regularly. If not stopped, this can result in the gradual decline of the victim, both mentally and physically. This article will give you some tips on how to defeat a psychic vampire.
From Quick Guide: Psychic Guide
Step 1
Begin with identifying the vampire. This is not always as easy as it may seem. In the case of a personal attack, it is simple. But in the case of group attacks, when the vampire only feeds while you are in a group of other people, this can prove to be very challenging. Psychic vampires do not necessarily look any different from anyone else. You will need to look for someone who is lethargic until after a feeding, when it becomes apparent they have more energy, and you have less. You will need to prove this with several incidents, and it is important to make sure you do not give up too much during these trials -- so beware.

Step 2

Choose to either remove yourself from the vampire, or to confront it and defeat it outright. If the psychic vampire is a group feeder, it might be simpler, and safer, to simply avoid any contact with it. Be cautious, though, because if it is drawn to you, removing yourself will not be sufficient to drive it away. It will follow you.

Step 3

To confront the vampire, first prepare by meditating. You need to focus your energy inward, drawing the light from your chakras into your center, your source. The chakras begin at the top of your head with the Crown chakra, source of pure consciousness; then the Brow chakra, your intuition; the Throat chakra, governing communication; Heart chakra, seat of emotions and compassion; the Solar Plexus chakra, where power is built and sent out; the Sacral Chakra, birthplace of pleasure; and finally the Base Chakra, which governs lust and sexuality. Using imagery, project a shield of light around you. Think of your shielding as stiff and hard, like a shell. Maintain this and breathe. When you can successfully call this image up with little preparation, you are ready to protect yourself.

Step 4

Place yourself in a position in which the vampire will attempt to feed. When the vampire comes into the same room, or comes close to you, breathe deeply, gather your energy and project your shield from your Solar Plexus chakra. At the same time, take your two hands and form circles with your index fingers and your thumbs. Interconnect them so that your two hands are forming locked circles. This will reject any probe or energy the vampire sends your way, and the message will be loud and clear -- you are ready, and you will not allow it to feed off of you.

Step 5

Once you have clearly rejected the attack of the psychic vampire, open your eyes and make clear eye contact while projecting your white energy in a beam toward its core. Send a message with your inner voice, commanding the vampire to leave you alone and never disturb you again. Send this message with a focused beam of your white chakra energy. This should take care of the vampire from this point forward.

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