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Psychic Possession
There has been a great deal of talk this past few years about psychic abuse. Many people don’t truly understand what psychic abuse is. Our medics have no idea and really believe that all these people are just plain crazy. Not true at all. We all have a certain level of crazy or insane thinking in everyone of us but psychic abuse is not a part of that although it can surly make you crazy if you do not understand it.

Especially Psychic Possession.

Physic possession is when another person is constantly on your mind. This has happened to me many times and years ago I nearly went nuts with it. In fact I signed myself into the North York General Hospital’s Psychic ward for three days just to have a doctor tell me I needed to be medicated. This doctor was terrified of the entire situation.
How can we correct a problem if we fear it?

Not possible.

1. A few years ago a young girl came to me from Richmond Hill. She was shouting and screaming at people whom where not present. This girl would have total spazz attacks, completely out of the blue. She would do horrid things to herself, like cut herself up and risk her life, when these spazzes would occur.
One day she came to my home and had to use the bathroom. She was in there for over three hours. All we could here form the bathroom was this child yelling and fighting at people whom were not present. She was terrified and it took quite a while to get her to come out of the room to talk. Finally we got her to come into the living room and I asked her whom she was talking to.
She explained that in her mind she was having arguments with her mother, father and aunt. These people did not like her personality or attitude and were constantly on her case about it.
I asked her for her mother’s phone number. I dialed the number to find that the three {mother, father, aunt} were having a visit and were discussing this girls problems. Immediately I began to work with this child, helping her to understand telepathy. She understood very quickly and was able to stop the conversations and arguments with the skills I taught her. She is now a married woman, living in New Jersey, healthy, happy and not on any medications. She is also one of the best psychics I have encountered.

2. A year ago I asked a person to help out with LoveCry. He was in agreement with that but wanted many changes to the way we were doing things that we did not agree with at all. He literally wanted to take over and run the show. This person did not have the experience needed to do this so we opposed.
Here we talk about psychic abuse a great deal and this person was well educated in the subject. He did not care whom he hurt to get what he wanted and he began to play head games with all of us. His goal was to have our situation here explode from the inside. Some of us already knew how to protect ourselves but some were not so great at it yet so there was some damage done. The point is that he was on all of our minds for several months. I spoke to him many times about it, as the kids and I were getting very ill from his consistent psychic head games. He was a very good player.
3. Have you ever felt compelled to call someone when you truly did not want to? Well this was happening all the time. It did us no good to call him as he would just treat us with utter disrespect {sort of like a womanizer does when he plays the sex game, which consists of visualizing having sex, in total detail, while masturbating, on a woman and then pretends he is not thinking of her at all}. The woman being played will continually become more and more desperate to contact the player and the player will pretend not to understand what she is talking about. Then the player tells all his friends that the woman is stalking him when in fact it is the player that is psychically stalking the woman, therefore he is the one whom is causing this desperation, using psychic abuse. In fact after he tells his friends, they all begin to think of this woman as being a crazy person when in fact he and they are using their thoughts {psychic} towards her to drive her there. We have all seen and experienced this one.

Psychic abuse is one of the most dangerous abuses within our society today as it can not be see, herd or felt other then within our minds and emotions. No visual or sound evidence of the abuse is shown. Many people are suffering from psychic abuse on a daily basis and have no idea it is even happening. The rate of what seem to be normal people being charged with violent offenses or being admitted to hospital, put on prescribed drugs or using more dangerous alternative drugs and alcohol has risen phenomenally in the past decade.

Psychic abuse is one of the main reasons for these life horrors, and is most used in the art of sexual seduction and mind control. Learn to protect your mind from this hideous abuse.
Angel Femia


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