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"The Sex Game!"
The Sex Game is a sexual head game that seduces it's victim and wraps him or her
into a lustful head space which alludes both perpetrator and victim into believing
they are in love. They are actually in lust energy which lasts approximately 72
hours after the visualization games.
Lust energy, in the first stage feels warm, safe loving and desirable. The second
stage of the game are feelings of anger, rejection, deep piercing pangs of pain,
depression, self disgust and self hatred.
"These feelings lead to SUICIDE".
This game was first introduced to the world by a renowned magician who was known
as Alistair Crowley. Alister's work was primarily focused on sexual seduction and
emotional or energy vampire.
There are three main ways of playing this game. The most common used is simply
romantically day dreaming of another, the dreaming becomes sexual and before the
perpetrator knows it he or she is having a sexual visualization with the victim.
This dream, {unknown to the victim} is most defiantly effecting the victim's
emotional balance and the victim is being emotionally pulled towards the
One example I may share with you is when I was twelve years old, one of the
popular boys in the town where I lived wanted to have sex with me. I wanted
nothing to do with him at all.
This boy had been reading up on Alistair Crowley's magic spells of seduction and
decided to see if they worked. Well he managed to have sex with at least 10 of the
younger girls in town within the matter of one month.
My sister was one of them. He had all of them fighting with each other and these
girls had been very good friends. Then he started on me.
I knew nothing about what he was up to and was sucked in. Two days after he had
his way with me, and the ecstatic energy was replaced with angry, depressed,
suicidal feelings, I tried to kill myself.
The emotional state I was left with was one of being raped, even though I had only
given into seduction. The other girls were in very depressed states as well.
Our perpetrator, began to take abusive amounts of street drugs, {L.S.D., Speed,
and P.C.P.}. A few months later he began to act like a total mental vegetable and
was admitted to the Whitby Psychiatric Hospital. No one has seen him since.
The second way the sex game or sexual seduction is done is when the seducer knows
what he or she wants and how to manipulate it to happen.
"TOTAL INTENT!" {in this game the perpetrator. wants to have sex with his victim,
or change the victim's sexual desires as in the case of my sister and many other
street kids.}
Have you ever been turned on by someone, you had absolutely no interest in, and no
idea why this person all of a sudden had your complete interest? Well the sex game
with total intent will do that to it's victims.
This game most times produces complete emotional mind control. The seducer focuses
on his or her victim, at the same time masturbating and visualizing the entire sex
act in complete detail. The energies and thoughts from the seducers masturbation
sends the seducers sexual energy and arousment to the victim and the victim feels
as though they are truly having sex. The more vulnerable the victim is the more
heightened these sexual feelings are. This causes the victim to be totally
entrenched in the lust energy and the seducer to maintain a large space within the
victim's mind. The victim becomes sickly obsessed.
This particular game can be played on anyone who is open and willing to get into a
sexual relationship. Some of the strongest and smartest people I know get caught
up in this one without knowing what truly hit them.
My sister {who had always been very straight and crazy about boys, since her very
early teens}, began to work with some women who were lesbian. Of course, having
the same up-bringing as myself, where as it was continually drilled into our heads
that all are equal and we should accept all walks of life without any judgments or
racism, my sister trusted these women, and may I say, my sister is no weak minded
woman. To say the least, she knew the score. She was seduced. For the next four
years my sister was torn between being lesbian and straight. Her emotions were all
over the place. High one minute and down to suicide the next. I worked on this
with her, and helped her to figure it all out, until finally she got a grip on
the situation.
Today she is a happily married woman to a male and there is no trace of the
Lesbianism she had been so deeply entrenched within.
The third way the Sex Game is played is also with
the situation and the parties involved to create a scenario that completely
satisfies the seducer.
In one of my group therapies I met a woman who had the sex game played on her from
the age of seven by her father. This young lady wanted to acquire a complete
family using me as her mother. She would masturbate visualizing me with the father
of her choice, {almost like she was watching a porn flick in her mind,} and seduce
us both to each other
then to her.
We, {both victims} at first truly believed the other was interested in a
relationship. We actually fell for it and got extremely messed up. We found
ourselves in one of the strongest love/hate relationship going I have ever
witnessed. It was hell. I was in physical pain and emotional torment the entire
time. One minute I wanted to make love to this person and the next I wanted to
kill him or myself. He was in love one minute and wanted to kill the world and all
in it the next. In the end I figured it out and lambasted the young lady who was
playing the game. My co-victim ended his life. "SUICIDE."


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