Major Issues

1} The Main Issue at LoveCry is Homeless Street Kids:
The reason for their existance is Abuse, which comes in many forms.

Physical Abuse is any form of touching {punching, use of a material object of any kind, kicking, physical restraints of any kind, beating, slapping around the head} in anger, frustration, violence, or negativity. {and more}

Sexual abuse is any form of unwanted sexual attention, (examples: seduction, verbal sexual harassment, child molestation, child pornography, rape ect.)

Verbal abuse is any form of degradation, humiliation, or threats. This includes all forms of gossip, lies, and/or verbal manipulation, such as:
Covert or double messages, brainwashing, intimidation, degradation and humiliation.

Physic Abuse is in the form of silent and verbal manipulative head games,
Peer-pressure, mental seduction, (sexual, material, emotional), covert or double messages, brainwashing, degradation, humiliation, silent judgments, jealousy, isolation, and mental intimidation. Ignoring while pretending to be listening, peer pressure, material, emotional or sexual seduction, alienation of affections, neglect, brainwashing, and covert messages are the most commonly used on a daily basis in our lives. We are just beginning to realise the damage done by this form of thinking. Silent hatred {racism, jealousy, resentment, judgments ect. }, are also included in this abuses.

Road Rage for instance.
It’s done daily and causes grave harm to anyone involved but how often do we look at the emotional impact of Road Rage. If no physical or material damage was done are we opened eyed to the fact that some emotional damage was done.
If I cuss you out and call you degrading names, do you not feel hurt or angered emotionally?
If I carry that negative emotion into my day do I not make mistakes due to it?

Ritual Abuse is when any Godly belief system is being used to control, intimidate, seduce or change another's free will to believe whatever they choose to believe -OR- when one is being used in any form of religious or cultish ceremony against one's belief such as: verbal or physic brainwashing, sexual seduction, emotional seduction, ceremonial games, bribery, and more.
Ritual Abuse comes in many forms:

Practising the Ten Commandments Backwards
The Tenth Commandment is “Though Shalt Not Kill.” Satanic perception of this law is: “Thou Shalt Kill.” --- or another example --- “Though Shalt Not Lie”
Satanic Followers again perceive this rule to read: “Though Shalt Lie.” These backward laws can be found on the back page of The Satanic Bible.
This system also does many ritualistic ceramonies whic include maming, raping and even murder.

Black Magic:
Magic preformed with only lust, selfishness and greed for motivators, preformed only for self- gain, with no regard as to what happens to others or our world and universe.
Ritualistic Ceremonies conducted to gain control harm, or even kill others, through fear, physical violence used during rituals and major psychic head games.

2} Family Breakdown:
We have found through helping kids that are headed for the streets, we can also help the family from totally breaking down. Without some form of intervention a shattering would have taken place eith with the kids and many time even the parents end the relationship and the once happy family is no more.

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