True Reasons For Homeless Kids

The Major Reason For Homelessness!
Angel Femia of LoveCry

Most of our society is under the impression that people are homeless, mainly due to poverty. This is simply not true. I was on the streets and was anything but impoverished. I have found the same with most of the other street people.
The kids however are not on the streets simply due to poverty or even
Homelessness, as most of them could go home, but refuse to do so. We have found, that most homeless kids come from what we believe to be normal families and homes. They join the ranks of poverty once they hit the streets.

There of course are some homeless due to poverty, but the majority of the Homelessness in Canada is due to Abuse. I have my personal story and have listened to countless others as well as the Street Kids.

This is what I found:
1. Adult Women:
A. Many adult women, over thirty are residing on our streets because they fear going home. At home they are abused spouses. Many times, other family members and even children, begin to abuse Mom.
B. For instance when a woman is being abused in her home, others see this and do likewise. By the time I decided to open my eyes and actually see I was being abused, everyone was abusing me in many different ways. I tried to get help from other family members but similar abuses began and I ended up on the streets as apposed to take it any longer.
C. By this time, my nervous system and mental capacities were shattered from these abusive experiences. I had been literally fighting for my life. I was left without self-esteem, confidence, logic {almost all of my thoughts had become emotional and right brain thinking}, I was emotionally unstable, and had no love for myself what so ever. I literally hated myself and did not understand why. All of this stemmed from childhood abuses. Since then we have found, that in most cases, domestic abuse is a cast off from childhood abuse issues. Any person who was abused as a child, by their parent, or whom ever is raising them, will have learned and formed very dangerous and violent mental pattern. When we reach adulthood, and enter into a relationship, we will expect our partner to abuse, every time anger or disapproval rises. This helps to perpetuate the abuse. As well we tent to be attracted to what we are use to, or our comfort zone, which means that we attract or are attracted to other abusers. Until we get proper help!
D. Using Drugs or alcohol. With abuse being so prominent in our lives we tend to look for something to ease the pain and make our existence tolerable. We also have addictive personalities due to this abuse, and when we find our way of coping we use it for all it’s worth. We very quickly become addicts to something. In my case, I was a nervous wreck. My doctor introduced me to pain medicines, nerve pills, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and sleeping pills, very early in my life and by the time I was eight-teen years old I was very heavily addicted. I went from there to the bars, {alcohol} before I finally saw what I was doing to myself and quit.

2.Adult Males:
Many of the male adults, over thirty, living on our streets, are a product of their world shattering, due mainly to childhood abuses, chauvinistic training, and not
Learning proper guidelines for their personal priorities. Thus their world shatters and all they have worked for falls

A few examples of that are:

a] Taking away from quality, family time to be able to afford material, such as: a new car, house, better tools, better furniture, name banned clothing, extra. This has been happening more so within the past few decades. With this way of prioritizing, it seems that materials have become way more important then the family unit.

b] More bonding with friends and business associates as opposed to wife and children. When a husband and wife bond as best friends it protects the family unit, otherwise there is no real protection there. If anything or anyone, {even children} comes between this relationship, it is the beginning of the end.

c] Too much drinking and party time;
The bars are filled and the family is fragmented.
With all the time spent on careers and making a living, there is very little time for building family relationships.
Whenever a woman or children are constantly waiting at home for dad, then he finally reaches home and he is either tired and wants to sleep, or drunk, they are going to feel neglected, alone, hurt and empty. IF THIS BEHAVOUR IS CONSISTANT ARGUMENTS, FIGHTING AND VIOLENCE BEGINS AND WORSENS WITH TIME! This leads to divorce and Dad’s dreams are shattered.
Often this can be so disappointing that their mind shatters, and renders them without self-esteem, confidence, or the will to proceed and sometimes even to suicide. In every case self-hatred is prominent.

Ask Your-self:
If as a, person I do not take the time to build proper relationships with family and friends, what importance am I truly placing there?

3. Many of the elderly street people are homeless due to drinking heavily, fear being put into old age homes or being abused by family members.

4. Most Street Kids, ranging in age from seven to twenty-six, are running from abuse at home or their communities. They are filled with pain and rage. If they try to speak about this, they are quickly shut down. They are running from themselves, and the horrid pain inside of their bodies and minds. They also take heavy party substances to kill the pain and tolerate what life has handed them. This is a very heavy load, for any child.

We all need to learn and understand that changes are desperately needed, if we want to save our families from becoming homeless, and our own destruction. We have to learn what abuse is, what it does and how to stop and heal from it.

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