Inner Child


We Believe in the Unity of Spirit
and We Know that Love
Comes in Many Colors
We Honor the Humanity
of Diversity... We ARE Family

Wounds present in many different ways that reflect the way we see ourselves and our lives.
We try to find ways to cope with the fear, the anger, the depression, the shame, the guilt that affects us and we cannot seem to reach or release.
In order to release those negative self-messages, we need to make a commitment to release, recover and heal ourselves to live a full and beautiful life.

We need to do whatever it takes to provide a safe, healing place within ourselves...a learn to let go of fear and anger and pain that we still carry from the past so that we can begin to know love.

These wounds may be presenting through us in a number of ways, to draw our attention to the need for healing.

As a result, you may be experiencing a number of symptoms such as:

Fear Anxiety Panic Attacks
Addictions Alcoholism Anger Rage
Self-Abuse Self-Harm Self-Sabotage
Abusive Relationships Depression
Low Self-Esteem Co-Dependency
Victim of Crack or Crystal Addiction

So what do we do?
We listen, we learn and we allow ourselves
to be healed.

It DOES take courage to heal... It takes courage to step up and turn ourselves over to be healed. If we could do it ourselves, we wouldn't need to ask for help. And we DO need to ask. We DO need to give ourselves permission to be human, to be honest, to be real, and to heal those wounds that have directed our actions for so long...

When you are done with the way things have been and are ready to make a commitment to your own healing,
take the next step... yo

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