Smarter Then God!!!

The Catholic Children's Aid Believe They are
Smarter Than God!

From all I have witnessed and been told the Catholic Church frowns on such practises as Telepathic Communication. I have heard nothing but rejection regarding this sense from our Psychiatric community as well. In fact we are told we are demented and hearing things not telepathic. So then tell me how any Catholic Children'ss Aid Psychiatrist can say he or she has the skills to assess anyone they have never met. This assessment I am referring to is being taken to family court in a custody hearing

Dr.??? (not alloud to give Dr's. name at this time), a psychiatric consultant with The Catholic Children's Aid Society diagnoses people without ever having talked to them, met them or done anything at all regarding these people but read papers and reports from the Catholic Children’s Aid Workers. This doctor is most defiantly one of the best psychics I have ever heard of
or so It Seems!

How is it that a worker with The Catholic Children’s Aid Society (the least trusted society, by all of our communities due to the many cases of death and abuse reported in our media this past few years) can say anything to Dr.??? (not alloud to give Dr's. name at this time) and he is believing it without question, diagnosing this person or people and giving recommendation to our Children’s Lawyers and Judges without any proof of the information being true and no input or examination done with the person or persons this matter is regarding?

Is this how Jeffrey Baldwin’s grandparents Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman, were assessed? As I have written in past articles, Jeffery Baldwin was my cousin, just a baby. Jeffery died, from abuse that was doled out by the Grandparents, Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman due to the mistakes in character made by The Catholic Children’s Aid Society.

Susan Dimitriadis Jeffrey’s other grandmother was not even aloud to see Jeffery and God knows that Susan Dimitriadis would have never abused Jeffrey and this child would be alive today if The Catholic Children’s Aid society was not listening to and spreading Gossip.

As we all know this past few years there have been many huge mistakes made by the Catholic Children’s aid Society. They have been making a habit out of sending children to unfit homes to be abused sometimes killed. They deface (using lies, gossip and manipulations) parents and advocates that do care and do not abuse children. They do this in places that can truly destroy lives and families, cause major problems with emotional and mental illnesses in the people they abuse, tear the heart out of families leaving them tattered or totally broken as well as causing death in some instances.

Then to top it off The Catholic Children’s Aid Society Workers gossip to other professionals such as Psychiatrist Dr.???(not alloud to give Dr's. name at this time) who then makes reports (on people he has never met, but has heard about through the gossip of The Catholic Children’s Aid Society), to Children’s Lawyers and Judges to get the effects wanted by The Catholic Children’s Aid Society in custody hearings.
by Angel

Jeffery's Grandparents convicted of His Death

Mike Oliveira, Canadian Press
Published: Friday, April 07, 2006

TORONTO -- The grandparents of a five-year-old boy who was locked up and left to wither and die in a cold, fetid room were convicted of second-degree murder Friday in what police described as one of the worst cases of child abuse Canada has ever seen.

Fifty-four-year-old Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman, 53, were supposed to save Jeffrey Baldwin and his siblings from a life of abuse at the hands of their birth parents.

Instead, the pair used the children as a source of income, collecting government support cheques in their names while confining the young ones to what police described as "a horrible room'' that was "harsh, dark, cold and damp.''

"This has been one of the most horrific child abuse cases involving murder that I've ever come across _ in fact, I think, that this nation has ever seen,'' said Toronto police Det. Mike Davis, the lead investigator on the case.

Other officers remarked that they'd seen nothing like it in three decades.

Court heard Jeffrey was hidden away in the unheated bedroom for as long as 14 hours a day, breathing in the stench of his own urine and feces.

Police described the child's room as "extremely shocking,'' with wet uncarpeted floors, mattresses soaked through and littered with stains, bags of filthy diapers throughout, and no toys in sight.

Jeffrey, who weighed just 21 pounds when he died in November 2002, was treated like a dog: he ate out of a bowl with his fingers and often drank from a toilet when he was thirsty.

Jeffrey and his sister were locked up so frequently that regular visitors to the home often had no idea they even lived there. Court heard it took several weeks of repeated visits until they finally learned of what was called "bedroom number two.''

Although the siblings lived in squalor, the rest of the house was normal, including the living quarters of other children living in the house, court was told.

The tragic details of Jeffrey's short life were read once more into the record Friday in a lengthy decision by Justice David Watt, which took around six hours to read.

Emergency crews were shocked when they found Jeffrey's frail body.

Years of malnutrition stunted his growth and destroyed his body, leaving him emaciated without body fat.

Paramedics said he didn't look like any child they'd ever seen before. He was so small, had sunken eyes, and veins and bones jutted from his body. Doctors later said he had more bacteria growth on his skin than they had ever seen.

He died of starvation and pneumonia, weighing less than he did when he turned one-year-old.

When his sister was rescued from the house, she too showed obvious signs of starvation, skinny limbs, a distended belly and open sores.

Jeffrey's paternal grandmother, Susan Dimitriadis, said she was relieved by the verdict, and had been expecting the worst.

"I was afraid they'd get away with it,'' Dimitriadis said. "They needed to be convicted of this because my grandson is now dead and I miss him.''

The grandparents were also found guilty of forcible confinement for the sister's care.

Kidman spent almost the entire day in court hunched over with his head in his hands, looking down. Bottineau stared straight ahead for most of the proceedings but began to slump in her chair as the verdict was being read.

Her lawyer Anil Kapoor had argued his client did not deliberately kill her grandson. He cited a psychologist who testified Bottineau was mentally handicapped with a personality disorder that prevented her from seeing Jeffrey waste away.

But another expert witness, Lisa Ramshaw, contradicted that assessment and said Bottineau had "a higher order of thinking than someone with mental retardation'' and lied to protect herself.

Lawyer Catherine Glaister told Watt that Kidman did not plan to kill Jeffrey and had little involvement in the children's lives.

Immediately upon the verdict's release, Ontario's chief coroner declared that an inquest would be held, although no date was made available.

"The circumstances surrounding Jeffrey's death have been a matter of public interest,'' Dr. Barry McLellan's office said in a release.

"Issues to be addressed at the inquest include the Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society's involvement in Jeffrey's placement and the role that agency, and others, had in monitoring his well-being prior to his death.''

The Catholic Children's Aid Society released a statement saying it deeply regrets Jeffrey's tragic death.

"Knowing that we could have done more to prevent Jeffrey's death has been heartbreaking for everyone involved,'' said executive director Mary A. McConville.

"The CCAS wishes to assure the public both that we have made substantial changes to our operating practices to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again and that we will co-operate fully with the coroner in the inquest into Jeffrey's death.''

The case will resume on April 12 to discuss sentencing.
Canadian Press 2006

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