Brian's Issue

Sexual Assault to A Twelve Year Old Girl
Left Pregnant
No Legal Help due To Her Prpatrator's
High Position In Our Society

When I along with my family believe and have to face daily that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is alleged to have sexually assaulted and raped a twelve year old child and left her pregnant. This child is now my niece, who can my family tell or report this situation to in order to get proper legal advice or help?

Where can we get Justice?

My family has been destroyed by this Corruption and we’ve (the remainder of my family) has been left without even basic human rights.

We are not the only ones that is has happened to and would like others to come forward to help us fight this problem.

People in authority should not get special treatment for the abuses and hell they have done to others. These authority figures should not have friends in high places watching their backs.

But they do and we would like to know why.

When the Government & Legal system are the Organized CRIME, when they honor CHILD RAPEST, or any child abuser within their rank of society.

The Federal Government is allowing the Credibility & Reputation of the
Police & The Legal System, to be destroyed to protect This particularCorrupt Lawyer,
Politician, Judge, member of the ORDER OF CANADA or any abusing perpatrator or any authority figure within our social system.

This man and many others have broken every law he swore to protect.

Because this X-Justice Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, raped and impregnated my 12 year old sister, and covered it up his entire career, no one will help us.

To this day, no lawyer will represent me and the legal system will do nothing to help.

The last lawyer I asked to represent me told me, if any lawyer tried to represent you, it would mean the end of their career.

Visit my web site at:

Ask all your friends to e-mail;
Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper at:

Ask him for Justice.


Our Premier, Mr Danny Williams at;

Thank You
Byron Prior
Tele# 709-834-9822
66 Readers Hill Crescent
Conception Bay South
NL., Canada

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