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If You Are Stopped By The Law!
Angel Femia
Hundreds of Street Kids and Homeless end up in jail every year for many different crimes. They usually find themselves in more trouble then they can handle as they for the most part do not know they Legal Rights.

Right off the bat they become angry and freightened, altercations begin and major trouble arises for them and the Officers involved. Complaints come into this office every day and knowing what to do and not do can be tricky at times.

Many times people become very emotional and therefore react to the Police in very aggressive and defensive manners. In turn the Police get angry, feel disrespected and react much harsher then they may have if communications had been calmer.

This of course gets people into a great deal more trouble and the charges mount on the scales. Charges that truly did not need to take place but the altercation between our clients and the Police can and does become very heavy and at times out of control, therefore the Police {being under the gun to make sure things are in control}, feel they need to use much more force to get the problem dealt with.

Dealing with these issues and researching for information I have found something that can help us all during these times. In fact many of us should know should know as they are our rights and if we all knew them we may just deal with these situations in a more peaceful manner.

Below is the proper way to deal with situations such as being questioned, searched or arrested in our country, Canada:

Our Legal Rights:
Officer, please understand I refuse to talk to you other than to identify myself until I consult with my lawyer.
I also refuse to consent to any search of these premises or any premises under my control or which I have in my possession, proprietary or privacy interest including my car, body or effects.
I further refuse to consent to the taking of my breath, bodily fluids or tissue for scientific analysis without an opportunity to consult with my lawyer.
As a Canadian, I desire to exercise all my rights guaranteed to me by THE CONSTITUTION OF CANADA TO BE FREE FROM INTERFERENCE WITH MY PERSONAL AFFAIRS.
If you attempt to question me I want my lawyer present. I further refuse to participate in any line‑up or perform any physical acts, speak or display my person and property at your discretion without first consulting with my lawyer.
If I am under arrest I wish to know under what charge and wish to INVOKE AND EXERCISE MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.
If you ignore my rights and attempt to produce a waiver I want to consult with my lawyer prior to any conversation with you.
If I am not under arrest, I wish to leave.
If I am free to leave please tell me so that I may return to my personal business.

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