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Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse


The following is a list of some of the behaviors commonly displayed by children who are or have been

sexually abused. Although the presence of one or more of these indicators is not proof that a child is being

sexually abused, it should be enough to cause the concerned, alert professional to closely observe the child,

to try to uncover the source of the behaviors. If at any time, a professional suspects a child is being sexually

abused, she/he must report the suspicions to law enforcement or the Department of Social Services. Depression

Withdrawal or isolation from peers

Chronic runaway

Drug/alcohol abuse

Increase in physical complaints—headaches, chronic illness

Attention-seeking behaviors or inappropriate acting out

Suicide attempts

Physical abuse—self-inflicted or inflicted by others


Drop in academic performance

Poor self image, reflected in choice of clothing or overall appearance

Limited or overly restricted participation in social activities

Bisexual or homosexual experimentation

Promiscuous or overly seductive behavior or prostitution

Hysterical paralysis

Behavioral signs among young children

Excessive masturbation

Bedwetting (Enuresis) after completion of toilet training

Fecal Soiling (Encopresis)

Disturbed sleep patterns

Severe nightmares, fears, or phobias

Exaggerated fear of a particular person or place

Regression in developmental mile stones or learning problems

Explicit knowledge of sexual acts

Excessive curiosity about sexual acts

Precocious sex play


Overly compulsive behavior

Clinging/wining to a particular (non-offending)


Sexual Assault Response & Resource Center

Child Advocacy Center of Henderson County



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